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Dear Mrs. Barbara Sonneborn,

First of all, I want to congratulate you and your crew for the outstanding film. I really think it's a great film because many people don't ever get to experience war and this is a very educational way of seeing what war is all about and what its effects are. You give us an in-depth view of the war and how it affects the people. You made me think twice because I just recently joined the U.S. Marines and I never really cared if I went to war or not. I actually kind of wanted to. But now I'm not so sure I want to. You really made me think of wars and the evil that kills people. It's not very good.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to come to our shcool and show us the film. It really enhanced our knowledge about war and I think I'm not the only one that enjoyed it. Once again, thank you very much. I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see more of your films.

Christian Mejia

Dear Xuan Ngoc Nguyen,

Hello. My name is Min Kim and I am going to Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. A couple of days ago, I saw the movie "Regret to Inform" and watched you answering questions that some Fairfax students asked you. I was really impressed that you came to our school and talked about the personal experience during the war in front of a lot of people. I might have done something you did for your family because, as you said, there wouldn't have been any choice for you.

I honor how you endured the hardship that you experienced, and thank you for telling us about you and your experiences so frankly.

Min Kim

To all the strong women,

I would like to take the time to say "Thank You!" Your film "Regret to Inform" brought me more knowledge on the devastation that war causes. I had just currently finished reading a narrative story written by Tim O'Brien. The thing that alarmed me the most was the fear that the soldiers carried around. The documentary was very touching and sad. Thank you.

With All My Heart,
Kevin Moraine

Dear Mrs. Barbara Sonneborn,

Hello, my name is Erwin Elenes. I was there on January 18, 2000 watching the movie. It touched my heart because I have feelings for people who have had bad times in the past. But I had a hard time understanding parts of the movie and the guest speakers, because I'm hard of hearing and there was no interpreter. I always love asking questions but without an interpreter it was difficult to follow the conversation. I have to talk face to face so that I can understand.

Do you have plans to release your film closed captioned? Thank you for making the Vietnam War experience known to me.

Erwin Elenes

Dear Ms. Barbara Sonneborn,

Because of your documentary, I am now motivated to protest for and stand up for my beliefs. I have never cried at a movie before I saw your film. I forgot what her name was, but when the elderly Vietnamese woman told you about her husband and both her children dying, and then started to cry, my heart broke. I actually ached inside. I couldn't even present my speech for Academic Decathlon after that. I promise to devote myself to preventing things like the Vietnam War from happening as much as I can in the future. Thank you.

Rena Kosnett
Junior, Fairfax Visual Art Magnet

P.S.: Please give my love and prayers to Nguyen Thi My Hien, Xuan Ngoc Nguyen, Lula Bia and Norma Banks.

To Barbara Sonneborn, Xuan, Thi My Hien, Norma and Lula,

I saw pain. I saw suffering. I saw people still grieving after 20 years. I saw how the repercussions of the Vietnam War were still causing damage, causing pain. I saw families torn apart, killed. I saw plunder. I saw depression. I saw fear and heinous crimes. But I aslo saw hope. I saw healing as well as a community of hurt people helping others and themselves to mend their pain. I saw life going on as before.

I know that I cannot possibly understand what the people of Vietnam went through but I thank you for the chance to see into a chapter of our history that has been repressed. It was probably painful to open up your heart to a group of strangers, yet you did. Thank you. Know that each one of the women in the film has my compassion and sympathy, not pity, for I know each of those women have no need for pity. They are strong. I offer my condolences to you. I pray that your story may reach and touch the hearts of people today so that we will know that war will never be the answer to a problem, that in war there are no winners, only losers. Once again, thank you.

Kristy Cho
Fairfax H.S.

Dear Mrs. Barbara Sonneborn,

I would like to thank all the women that came to my school to show me that your lives have been changed since the war ended. I know it takes a lot to express your soul and heart after a great tragedy, but I thank you for doing so. I had a great feeling that America did a wrong doing, but it was never expressed until now. The movie enlightened my heart to what people that I don't know have gone through. I express myself to you great ladies, because your story helps me deal with my losses and tragedies. I hope that your movie goes on to spread joy and closure to what has happened to every person that was in the useless war. Thank you so much for the story. I will NEVER forget what I experienced.

Someone that was touched,
Paul M

P.S.: Peace, Love, Harmony to you all. Thank you once again.

To All Concerning Participants,

I watched "Regret to Inform" on Tues. (1/18) in the Rotunda at Fairfax High. I'm a senior, and have (somewhat) been considering the military as a post-high school decision. Not only was I not sure, but I am also very against WAR. I never thought to put the two together, and forgot or avoided the fact that I too would have to participate if our country went to war. After seeing your film, I realized that I would only go to the military for the "promised benefits" after serving my time. That is not a good enough reason to maybe one day have to sacrifice my beliefs for a minor sum. I'd rather go to school and educate myself to the fullest extent, and develop ways to better my country. I am truly grateful that our school had the opportunity to not only see the film, but see it and then meet some of the women behind it. I will never forget this experience, it will stay in my heart as long as I live.

Thank you,
Maria Cavaiani


My name is Jennifer Omelianoff and I just really wanted to say all your stories were touching. I went home that day and told my mom all about it. She said there were still people over there from the war. And people are looking for them still. I learned so much from what I talked about with my mom. I was amazed. I asked you guys if you have healed your wounds or if this documentary was helping you heal. I didn't get all your answers, but I wish you all the most happiness and so much more. I still can't believe the tragedy. I feel there's so much more to say but it's hard to put what you feel into words. So good luck and you are all such strong women and I envy that.


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